A Work Experience Program Opportunity

For Ambitious Students And Recent Graduates

Looking To 'Rocket Launch' Their Professional Careers.

Internship + Entrepreneurship = Internpreneurship

Simply put, there are new small businesses and start ups coming to life everyday and, at the same time, there are countless of students and recent graduates looking for a way to cut through the No Experience, No job/ No Job, No Experience cycle.

At Investar Learning we are developing a Self-directed Internpreneurship Program for employers in the form of an online course so that new businesses and starts ups can enrol, learn and implement an internpreneurship opportunity for students and recent graduates.

In exchange for this opportunity, students and recent graduates can collaborate and participate in the plans for acceleration and growth of these new ventures while gaining work experience, building their resumes, and drawing employers' attention as they complete the program.


WE ARE OUR FIRST CLIENT. Before we roll out the online course for employers we are testing the final version of the program ourselves in order to generate promotional materials and testimonials by actually creating the first 10 Internpreneur positions for students and recent graduates .

Our First Hire. We hired our first Internpreneur and it went great!   We have 9 MORE Opportunities!


Let's Chat

Determine A Plan

Get To Network 

Get Feedback

Gain Exposure

Let's Chat|

On the first day we'll sit down and get acquainted with your career and goals aspirations. Since we develop digital educational products and deliver live workshops, there are many work experience and learning opportunities you can be part of. Taking pictures with professional equipment, editing a video, planning an online marketing campaign, designing ads or promotional literature, branding a workshop, assisting on the day of the events, field promotion efforts, etc.

The Plan |

After meeting with you we will propose of a series of assignments that optimally align between your careers interests and the concurrent projects we might have at that time. These will form the plan and they will take place around your school schedule and/or other responsibilities you might have already. Sometimes you will come join us to work, some other times you will complete the assignments remotely. The plan can be very flexible and together we will make sure that we are both happy with it.

Network |

Did you know that a large proportion of job openings don't even make it to the job boards because they are filled through networking? We are sure you have already heard it before. During this part of the program we will help improve the desirability of your professional image by 'staging' both your resume and professional social media profile. We will also share with you effective techniques to connect and start building relationships with HR officers and manager who could play a key role in your job searching.

Feedback |

Throughout your internpreneurship we will provide you with constant feedback in the form of a coaching sessions rather than performance evaluations. 

Exposure |

The stage is now ready at this point. We will be capturing your story as you act as our star Internpreneur and propagate it all through our network of managers and HR officers in an effective way, creating the conditions for you to be noticed, interviewed, an ultimately hired. This can take the form or articles, social media posts, portraits, and videos.


Kristina - Internpreneur Program Participant

Ottawa - Fall 2017

"I've always loved make up since I was a little girl. In fact, Halloween is a very special time of the year for me. 

When the time to pick a college program came, I enrolled into Esthetics and I discovered and developed an interest for modeling.


Then, one day, a talent scout from Investar Learning reached out to me and

introduced me to the Internpreneurship Program and I decided to give it a try.

One Of The Things That I Got From It?

Posing For My first Outdoor Modeling Photo Shooting Experience!

On the first day, Kristina described herself as a "Jack Of All Trades". She loves graphic design, make up artistry, and...modeling now. 


We were able to set up her first outdoor photo shooting experience because that is what she wanted. In exchange, she helped us with field marketing efforts. 

Her involvement in this program reassures us that, even as a starting company, we can make a meaningful impact on our participants aim of fast-tracking their professional careers while they learn and help us build our brand.

Eddie M. - Program Mentor & Talent Scout
















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