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Virtual College Assignment

A practical college-like assignment anyone can carry out

from home & experience the feeling of TURNING A PROFIT.

Part I

Part II

Essential Business Theory

Watch in 20 minutes

Acting Business Assignment

Watch in 40 minutes

We truly believe that direct experience is the most effective learning method there is. We may get informed from books, teachers and videos, but is only when we live information through experiences that information becomes REAL knowledge. An experience engages 

your senses, turns on your focus, and push you to make decisions.  

Fortunately for you, the assignment in this program comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will lead you to experience turning a profit on your own, removing the risk, pain, and high costs that are involved when starting a new business.


Excuse me? No.This is not a course to start a business nor a business plan.

The Internet is full of these and you won't find any of that here. Sorry!


  • Watch

  • Execute

  • Profit

Okay, okay. Its true. This experience could jumpstart a real business, but it's not its main purpose. 

The true purpose is to get you experience the feeling of turning a profit for yourself.

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