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Recruiting Uncensored

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Getting a job is a REAL hassle.

Find job matches, customize a cover letter, tune up your resume, follow up with a call, wait... nothing, repeat again, and again, and again....

There must be an alternative.

I interviewed a recruiter behind the scenes. She gave me a million-dollar tip and I avoided wasting time in customizing resumes and making phones calls. With a two line message I got an interview.


Watch it all here. 

Rockstar Edupreneur


Teachers are underpaid. 

Teachers put extra hours to prepare their lessons, manage difficult students, stay at school after the end of the day, deal with difficult parents, invest in materials and resources from their own pocket, bring work to home and they can be reassigned to different schools adding onto the stress.

There must be an alternative.

Here is everything you need to know to start an online learning boutique like this one. From A to Z. 

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Cash Your Memes (Tik Tok)


Tik Tok doesn't pay as much as Youtube.

There must be an alternative.

Here is how you can have even more fun by cashing on your posts.

Whatever you like uploading, memes, dance moves, tips, jokes, advice, instructions, video clips, you name it, you can make money as you grow your audience and have fun.

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You want to start a business but you have no business idea? 

There must be an alternative solution.

I have found a way to start a business in the form of an experiment that morphs itself into a real business. Low risk, low investment, discrete and stress-free.

I show you how to get this experiment setup ready online so all you have to do after is have fun on social media.

Enjoy a 90-day 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy if you try it and doesn't work.  

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