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Off the beaten path

online courses.

Arm yourself with purpose of learning 

and  the courage to try new things will emerge.

Aman Aktor

Operations Coordinator


 likes to experience 


  • discomfort

  • risk​

  • stress


these are only indicators

that you are about to experience growth.


asked you for examples

of things that you wanted to try, but were too


to even start.

And now you can watch what we found
after trying that ourselves. 

Remember this:

Adopt a "never stop learning" mentality
and you will make yourself invincible. 

Could I secure a job interview without sending out a single résumé? Yes.

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Who enjoys job hunting? Customize a cover letter, tune up your resume, follow up with a call, wait... nothing happens, repeat again, and again, and again....

There must be an alternative.

I interviewed a recruiter behind the scenes. She shared an industry secret and I avoided wasting countless. Watch how I

secured a job interview without sending a single résumé.

Could I teach, coach or instruct from home?


Teachers put extra hours to prepare their lessons, manage difficult students, stay at school after the end of the day, deal with difficult parents, invest in materials and resources from their own pocket, bring home extra work and tcan be reassigned to different schools adding onto the stress.

There must be an alternative.

Here is everything you need to know to start an online learning boutique like this one. 

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Help! I can't put my Tik Tok down.

Well, you might as well get paid to post your memes.

Here is how you can have even more fun by cashing on your posts.

Whatever you like uploading, memes, dance moves, tips, jokes, advice, instructions, video clips, you name it, you can make money as you grow your audience.

In business without a product idea?


I have found a way to start a business in the form of an experiment that morphs itself into a real business. Low risk, low investment, discrete and stress-free.

I show you how to get this experiment setup ready online so all you have to do after is have fun on social media.

Enjoy a 90-day 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy if you try it and doesn't work.  

Could we go back to the gold standard?


This learning experience is composed of two parts.

The first part is a video anyone can watch at no cost in which the benefits of restoring a true free market economy are discussed.

The second part is a learning experience in which you learn how to turn copper into gold by carrying out a local social experiment while promoting new legal tender laws. 

Is there anything you want to try
but hesitate to even start?

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